The benefits of being an artist…?!

As early as 1985, the guerrilla girls drew attention to the injustices in the art world with a list of ironic to sarcastic statements (“Must women be naked in order to enter the museum”).

The exhibition Träum*weiter in the premises of the Kunstpädagogisches Institut of the Goethe University is now devoted to a current reflection on this topic and three central questions:

What does a “just” society look like?
What are natural (art) states?
What is the value of work (how is it measured)?

In order to approach the topic to some extent, curator Linda Rustemeier and her team Larissa Dewald, Tatjana Dinus and Elena Witzeck have invited eight artists to present their positions and “infect” the visitors* with visions.

Important impulses of feminist art can be traced through posters, mind maps and reading material. The historical and philosophical background of the exhibition is revealed by the sociologist Dr. Frigga Haug (four-in-one perspective) and the art historian Linda Nochlin, whose essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? ” laid the foundation for feminist art historiography in 1971.

The artists of the current show now show their view of the role of women in society and question their justice. They develop visions and utopias of an alternative and feminist system, addressing political, social, evolutionary, and personal issues.